# RaPiD documentation and dissemination


The documentation of the RaPiD framework is work-in-progress.

This page will act as an entrypoint to the project documentation, code/api documentation, as well as other disseminatin efforts.

# Video presentations

  • Carla Ferreira, Christian Agrell, Simen Eldevik, "Webinar on uncertainty in physics-based and data-driven models", Recorded live at DNV, November 25, Oslo, Norway, 2021

# Python package documentation

The python package is documented at https://rapid-models.dnvgl.com/pydocs/ (opens new window)

To install, pip install from the git repository

$ pip install git+https://github.com/RaPiD-models/rapid_models.git

and import in python

# to use the packege
import rapid_models